Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boneyard Armored Fist | Barb on Beer

Boneyard Brewery in Bend Oregon is a relatively new brewery. However they have already made some impressive beers. Their Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA), Boneyard Armored Fist,  is another fabulous achievement. A great nose, dark color, and a nice lacing give it great sensory appeal. The taste is what I love in a CDA - light, non-syrupy consistency, balanced roasted malts and hops, sweetness in the middle, and a bitter finish. This beer lingers in the month nicely.

Boneyard collaborated with Three Floyds Brewing of Chicago to produce this excellent craft beer. Good job.

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Armored Fist Details:

  • 10% ABV
  • 80 IBUs
  • Suggested serving temperature: 50-55 degrees F
  • Glassware: Pint Glass
  • Cellar or Drink Now
  • Beer Advocate Overall: Limited Reviews

Bonyeard Armored Fist Imperial CDA

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